Serving Waterloo Region and international clients, his techniques have shaped lives by helping clients redefine their identities and bounce back from major life stressors like divorce, loss and unemployment.

A pioneer in his field, Nate focuses on redefining and refining NLP and hypnosis practices and methodologies to improve client success rates. His passion for research and better outcomes helps people live happier, healthier, more purpose filled lives – moving you past just showing up to THRIVING. Nate is a Master Level Board Certified Consulting Hypnotist and Neuro-Linguistic Programmer. He is also a speaker and published author.

Stressed out? Hypnosis is a fast and easy way to calm the mind and beat the stress. No matter the situation you can feel at ease and enjoy life

Finally be free! Minor or major phobias don’t have to ruin your life. Regardless of type or intensity it can be lowered to make your life easier

Take a unique look into your past! Ever feel a draw to a certain period in history? Learn timeless truths and see shocking connections

Stop worrying about the alarm clock! If you struggle with insomnia just one session can give you multiple tools to help you sleep

Get on the same page with your partner! Don’t spend another year unfulfilled feeling unappreciated and let down. What if you could click in a way you only dreamed of?

Worried about your grades? What’s holding you back from learning at a higher level? Discover the secrets to accelerated learning and dial up your potential to the next level

Quit for good! Will power just isn’t enough and drug therapy is costly. In just a few hours you can be free of this unhealthy habit

Take control of your habits for good! Did you know it’s often the result of guilt or mild depression? Once these emotional triggers are dissolved it’s easier to eat properly

Do you feel less-then all the time? It’s time to let it go. Discover the secrets of how to see the world differently and understand how others view you

Learn self hypnosis to reduce chronic pain. Relief is possible after just one session. You must have a Doctors Release form completed

Finally break free of that dark cloud of unhappiness dragging you down. Let others enjoy your company. What would life be like if you had a happier outlook?

Is your mind performing as well as your body? Master getting into the zone and unlock a new level of ability! Ideal for all athletes

​Nate has a unique insight and ability to provide fast and effective solutions to the challenges of your life.”
Tanya MacIntyre,  Kitchener, Ontario

Are you wondering if hypnosis is for you?

Have you ever been curious about the power of your mind? Maybe you’ve heard of somebody that used it to quit smoking. Knew someone that dropped a bunch of weight or maybe even watched a stage hypnosis show.

What if you could book an introductory session now in the comfort of your home?


What would you like to change today?

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​Nate has very good knowledge of how NLP works. I felt very comfortable working with him as he was able to answer all my questions. I’ve had several NLP sessions which have helped me with some personal road blocks.
Gina Stewart

Hypnosis ( trance) is a natural state that the body moves in and out of many times per day.

The hypnotist is purely a guide that will assist you through the process.

Because hypnosis is a natural state, everyone can be helped with trance.

Worst case scenario is a great nap and wake up refreshed.

The Hypnotist doesn’t actually hypnotize you, they guide you into self hypnosis..

Learning hypnosis helps your nervous system work in an optimal way. Sleep, digestion and even your immune system improve.

There is a myth that we only use %10 of our mind.
Hypnosis gives you control over more of your mind

Accessing your subconscious makes you more creative. Even Thomas Edison used it.

​Nate has played an integral role in providing me with actual tools I can use on a daily bnasis to help understand how my life is unfolding and how I can better navigate through it. He has a knowledge and understanding which he clearly projects in a way that just makes sense. Each time I have a session, I leave with a true sense of direction and a new tool to help me. This type of therapy has shaped my daily practices for a mindset that is strong , brave and determined to never give up on living my best life. I highly recommend connecting with Nate!​​

Marli Klin