Introductory Self-hypnosis coaching session

During the mini training session you’ll discover how to access your mind in a way where you have more control.

You’ll be able to experience self-hypnosis which will give you an idea how you will feel when you’re in a hypnosis session because all hypnosis is naturally self-hypnosis. During the session not only will you learn self-hypnosis, you will also learn a powerful eyes open hypnosis technique that will allow you to learn faster, relax your body and activate a portion of your nervous system that will allow your body to function much better than when you’re in a stressed-out state. 

As a bonus you will also learn a powerful application of waking hypnosis that will allow you to change your emotional state at will. Imagine going into the situation where you used to feel stressed out or just beforehand put yourself into a state of playfulness and curiosity that will make you feel more in control and at ease during the event.  If you need to meet someone new or have a difficult meeting with your boss, what would it be like to be calm and relaxed.

Book your 45min Zoom self-hypnosis coaching session today by emailing .

Investment $37.00 set up easily by pay pal.