Phobia Help

Finally be free.

Feeling trapped by a either a minor or major phobia?   Regardless of what kind or how intense the phobia, it can be lowered to make life easier.

Problem Sleeping

Too many Sleepless Nights?

Hypnosis is calm grey area between awake. Naturally the better you get at self-hypnosis the better prepared you are for sleep. 

Too Anxious

Lover the Stress

Stress and constantly feeling wound up is obviously way too hard on the mind and body.  When you can control your mind through hypnosis, you can feel at peace and enjoy life.

Pain Management

Experience Life Differently

Discover an array of vendors and innovative concepts to take your event to the next level

Past Life Regression

Take a Unique Look Into Your Past

Ever wanted to explore you past lives? Did you ever feel a draw to certain period in history

Over Eating Help

Take control of you eating habits.

Most forms of over eating stem from some form of mild depression or guilt.

Once these emotional triggers are dissolved, it`s far easier to eat properly.

Nate has very good knowledge of how NLP works. I felt very comfortable working with him as he was able to answer all my questions. I’ve had several NLP sessions which have helped me with some personal road blocks.

Gina Stewart

Stop Smoking

Finally be free.

Want to be a non-smoker?  Tired of battling the addiction using will power or drugs? In only a few hours you can be smoke free.

Train your mind to be free of this unhealthy habit.

Sports Performance

Is your mind performing as well as your body?

Master getting into the zone to increase focus so you can unlock a new level of ability.

Always Unhappy

Lover the Stress

Break free of that cloud of unhappiness that has been dragging down too many areas of your life. What would life be like it you had a happier outlook on life.

Relationship Issues

Get the same page with your partner.

People spend years in unfulfilling relationships feeling unappreciated and let down. What if you could understand and click with your partner in a way that you only dreamed of.

Low Confidence?

Release yourself from the daily struggle of feeling less than.

Discover the secrets of how to see the world and how people see you differently.

Study Performance

Stressed about your grades?

What’s holding you back from learning at a at a higher level?

Discover the secrets to accelerated learning..

What would you like to change today?

Curious about how hypnosis can help? Let’s have a conversation.